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To book Rev. Gail for your wedding or renewals, please contact her at 972-345-7223 Fee's are based on location and services. Please read more about Rev. Gail at Holistic Connections.

When my husband and I married over 29 years ago, we had our wedding at the USO in S.A. Texas. And since then, we’ve renewed our vows two more times. On our 25th wedding anniversary we took a cruise to Key West to celebrate. I wanted to do something special and to surprise my husband, I had a minister pick us up from the cruise ship and take us to the beach where we renewed our wedding vows once more. It was just the two of us, along with the Minister and photographer. It was even more amazing and magical then the first & second time.

When I first became an ordained minister I was doing healing work, Reiki to be exact. I had a passion to open a healing church and at the time I didn’t really think about officiating weddings. As I used my healing abilities, I could see how it benefited those wanting to get married. My outlook on life had changed due to the energy healing I was doing with my clients, and for myself as well. Being married to my husband for over 29 years has also taught me a lot about marriage. What’s most important is to remember the Love you have for one another, even in the hard times.

Some wedding vows have the words, ” To love, honor & respect in good times and in hard times”, I think we forget that promise in times of anger, but that’s when we need to remember ”The Love” the most.

We also learned to support each other. It may not be my dream, but if it’s his dream, I support him and he does the same for me. Do we disagree, yes, but it’s how we handle the disagreements that makes a world of difference.

Whether you’re getting married for the first time or want to renew your wedding vows, I can help you. Have you thought about renewing your wedding vows? What a wonderful way to celebrate your life together. Whether you’ve been married 5, 10, 15 or 50 years, celebrate by renewing your vows. Make it another special day with Rev. Gail. With Love & Light.