Body, Mind & Soul


Body, Mind & Soul

Memorial / Funeral

Rev. Gail has compassion and understanding for those in times of grief. With her passion for life, Rev. Gail helps those to nd peace during this dicult time. Her compassion for  all human beings leads her to believe that each and every one of us will return to God, at the Divine time, when our souls are called to return home. She also believes that while their physical bodies aren't with us, their souls are always watching over us and guiding us to peace, joy and most of all, Love. Our loved ones do not want us to hurt or feel pain.

God's Love is Divine and without Judgment, as he knows that we are human and we will sin, we will at times turn our backs to him, but like our own parents, his love is
unconditional. Therefore, Rev. Gail believes that we will all be welcomed home with Love and Forgiveness waiting for us. It is her compassion that God has gifted her with what she believes this is true for each of us.

We will experience eventually the loss of a Loved one and it's one of the most difficult things we will go through in life. We are all One, but even in times of loss, we still are connected. It's the Love we have for one another that will guide us through those times.

If you are in need of a spiritual loving minister to officiate a memorial/funeral, please contact Rev. Gail at 972-345-7223

Fees will determined upon location and services needed


Thank you, with Love & Light.