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Body, Mind & Soul

Services by Rev. Gail

Rev. Gail is a Reiki Master as well as an
empathic person with spiritual abilities, which means she can feel energies of all kinds. She works with Mother Mary and Jesus energy to help those that are stuck here on the earth plain due to conflicts, as well as with negative energies that don't want to leave but want to wreak havoc in the world.

House blessings/clearing

What is a house blessing/clearing? The act of using various spiritual tools to help raise, clear and/or release negative energy from a place and or person to create a safer environment for you and your family. House clearings take approximately 1 hour. Fee for this services is $75, extra for traveling more then 15 miles from my location.

Have you experienced negative activity in your home, or with family members that you normally get along with? Do you have children who are experiencing things that you can't explain? Do you feel energy that's tense, thick, uncomfortable or heavy? Have you moved into a new home that feels off balance? There could be numerous reasons why you’re having these kinds of feelings. Rev. Gail can come in and help locate these energies and clear them from you space so that your feel safe and empowered. 

Why should you clear this energy?

Energy can be felt and therefore cause us to feel unbalanced and even sick. Cleansing a space can bring the energy back into alignment with the right intention, it will feel better, be more comfortable, and improve life.


It's also very helpful when you’re either buying or selling a home or starting a new business to bless and clear the energy. Since we are all made of energy, we can all feel this energy. It's important that when your buying or selling a home that the energy be cleared so there is a better opportunity in the selling of buying of a new home. This energy can and will affect us in negative ways, especially our children and those with Psychic Medium abilities.

If you have a particular type of energy around you, it can attract similar energy to you either by its presence and by your attention on its presence (What we think about, we bring about, it's the Law of Attraction).

If the energy around us isn't of the type of energy we want, then we can clear and remove this energy with a house blessing/cleansing. We must be aware of our thoughts and emotions in order to keep positive energy around us.


These negative energies can and will affect our health, relationships, and personal/spiritual growth. It's so important to learn how to keep your thoughts positive so that these energies can't take over. 


With the right intentions and spiritual guidance, you too can learn how to control the energies coming into your space.

If you would like Rev. Gail to teach you how to take back your power and keep your energy clear, you can ask for a 30 minute additional time for $25. Rev. Gail will give your step by step instructions on how to achieve your goals and take control over your own home and life.

If needed, Rev. Gail will also set boundaries outside of the home for energies that will not go into the Light. We can't make any energy go into the Light, but we can keep them out of our energy. Having respect for those energies stuck here is so important, but we also have to protect ourselves. Rev. Gail can help you understand how important having boundaries and ethics in place in order to stay safe from negative energies, this energies are not always ghost energies, but those people in our lives that create negative energy in our lives. Learning to set boundaries with those in our lives is just as important. To schedule a house blessing/clearing contact Rev. Gail and then pay @

For details of other services by Rev. Gail, visit the page for Reiki and more.

Board of Directors for Holistic Connections

Wanda Heffler, Joby Bochicchio Veillette & Rev. Gail Hudson

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