Body, Mind & Soul


Body, Mind & Soul


Rev. Gail Hudson

Reiki Master & Spiritual Teacher

We are all One in God's Eyes, let us be One in each others eyes.

Are you feeling lost? 

Searching for meaning?

Need a change?

Is the energy in your home feeling off or are you experiencing events you can't explain? Rev. Gail can help. 

Rev. Gail has an open heart and mind. With compassion she helps guide those seeking spiritual alignment for the purpose of healing.

Rev. Gail also officiates weddings, memorial/funeral services and house clearings/blessings.

Please visit pages for Reiki, House Clearing and Weddings for details.

Email Rev. Gail Hudson @ [email protected] to officiate your dream wedding and/or other services.

Thank you for your love and support,

 Rev. Gail and the Board of Directors at Holistic Connections